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Below are important documents and disclosures for Devon Bank:

  • Electronic Funds Transfer Agreement and Disclosure, Expedited Funds Availability Act, Privacy Notice, Substitute Check Policy Disclosure the Deposit Agreement, Product Disclosures: Checking, Now, MMA and Savings can be found here.
  • E-Banking Agreement Disclosures & Service Agreements can be found here.
  • The USA PATRIOT Act disclosure can be found USA PATRIOT Act disclosure PDFhere.
  • Electronic (E-Sign) Disclosure and Consent Agreement can be found Electronic (E-Sign) Disclosure and Consent Agreement PDFhere.
  • The Privacy Notice can be found here.
  • The Social Media Guidelines can be found here.
  • Public Community Reinvestment Notice can be found here.
  • Business Debit Card Application can be found here.
  • Personal Financial Information and Statement can be found here.
  • Business Banking Disclosures can be found here.
  • List of Documents Required to Complete Business Account Opening can be found here.
  • List of Business Record Requirements can be found here.
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