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Having lived through The Great Recession at Devon Bank, and seen what that recession did to our communities, our competitors, and our own institution, this time, we have tried to get out ahead of people’s needs to help where we can and to be a leader of the recovery. As people decide where to work and where to bank, we hope they will chose us. Because, we care.

David Loundy
Chairman of the Board of Directors

I moved from Virginia to Chicago in December of 1991 and was on Devon Avenue doing my grocery shopping. As I was crossing the street with grocery bags in my hand, I saw the bank sign and decided to check out if they had any openings. I was directed to the HR department by the receptionist on the first floor. The only opening at that time in the bank was for a teller. I was interviewed and offered the position. A year later I got transferred to the retail banking department. In 1995, I was promoted as an officer of the bank; a few years later I was given the title of International Banking officer. After a few years, I was promoted to Assistant Vice President for my contribution towards creating the Islamic Financing department. Due to the achievements and growth of the department, I was promoted to Vice President. Since 2017, I have been the Senior Vice President of the department I helped established. In the coming years, I look forward to continuing to grow the Islamic Financing department.

Nazir Gurukambal
Senior Vice President of Islamic Financing

I have worked for Devon Bank for four years. It is a pleasure to work for a community bank that values diversity of all kinds. In my time at Devon Bank, I have advanced both my education and career. Devon Bank challenges each employee and provides opportunities for growth and development at every level.

Jennifer Wiedemann
Vice President of Deposit Operations and BSA Officer

I joined the Bank in December of 2017 as a Personal Banker. And within my second year of service, I was promoted to Personal Banker II.

Devon Bank is a community bank. Small in size, where employees get to see different operations and areas of work. At Devon Bank, I have had the opportunity to learn and see various parts of many operations. Further, it has tremendously helped me develop my experience and skills.

The people that I work with are helpful, friendly and, most importantly, are team players. I love that we serve a diversified market and our organization is a mirror image of the market we serve.

Muluken Sebra
Personal Banker II

I started my career at Devon Bank in 2004, and I am proud to say that I will soon be celebrating my 15th anniversary working at Devon Bank. One thing I like about Devon Bank is that I was given the opportunity to work in different departments. I started at Devon Bank as a teller and 5 months later I moved to the Bookkeeping Department; I honestly liked everything about bookkeeping. Three years later I became the Bookkeeping Supervisor and enjoyed learning a new skill. After 11 years, I was given the opportunity to move to the Accounting Department as an Account Reconciling Specialist (ARS). Working in accounting gave me a better understanding on how finance works. My experience as an ARS led me to the opportunity to work in the Operations/Bookkeeping Department as a Senior Operations Service and Branch Support Specialist. I realized that Operations Services is really something I like to do and I can’t thank Devon Bank enough for giving me the many opportunities to learn new things and gain more knowledge. I truly enjoy coming to work in such a family and friendly atmosphere.

Mersa Nikezic
Senior Operation Services

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