Well-Rounded Debit Series

Our Well-Rounded™ Debit Series

Your parents likely saved their pocket change, setting it aside at the end of the day to save for large purchases, to donate to charity, or perhaps to deposit back in the bank when they had accumulated enough.  Maybe you did too.  Now, you are thoroughly modern and don’t use cash much—and don’t have change in your pocket at the end of the day.

Whether you make purchases with a plastic debit card, your watch, or your phone, we can help you to collect your “digital pocket change” and do more with it!

Devon Bank’s Well-Rounded™ Debit Series provides a variety of options, all working on the same technology base.  Make a purchase and the transaction gets rounded up to the nearest dollar.  This digital change then gets sent where you want it to go:

  • Round-up for savings—Sent to a tied Devon Bank savings account to use later as you please
  • Round-up to your Devon Bank mortgage—Pay your mortgage off faster with D3-- the Debt Diminisher Debit card!
  • Round-up for charity—pick the “charity bucket” to receive your round-ups:
    • The Sanctuary Card—Round-ups are donated to refugee and immigration causes.
    • The Earth Earns Card—Benefits environmental causes
    • The Homeless, Hungry, & Healing Card—Helps those related causes
    • The Smarter Card—Benefits education non-profits
    • The Dancing Delta Card—Helps arts & sciences causes
    • The Devon Donates Card—Funds are used for areas of greatest current and future needs
    • The Safer Communities Card—Support peace in our local communities

Devon Bank prefers to “water” public charities that specifically serve our local communities with the contents of the “buckets.”

  • Round-Up to a Devon Bank Donor-Advised Fund—Funds are donated to charity, but allow you to pick the charitable recipient in the future by sending micro-contributions to your personal donor-advised fund. See our Trust Department for details.
  • Private-Labeled Round-Up options available for specific charities. Do you work with a charity that would like to sponsor a round up card and receive donations?  Contact us for more information on how we can make that happen!
  • Round-up for Investment—[In development]

To get started, just open an account, add a debit card, tell us where you want your digital pocket change to go!

Click here to see account types and to apply on-line.

Click here for a debit card form.

Click here for a D3 mortgage Round-Up form.

Click here for a "Charity Bucket" Round-Up designation form.

Click here for more information on Donor-Advised Funds from our Trust Department.

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