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Community Banking Since 1945



Community Banking Since 1945

We’re Chicago-born, Chicago-built, and unlike most other banks, Chicago-based. We know exactly what it takes to build a business here.

Community Banking Since 1945

Experience the freedom of no atm fees

Dream Home in 2024


Community Banking Since 1945

Will the dream of owning your first home become a reality in 2024? Let's go there together!

Values Driven


Community Banking Since 1945

We believe in the power of shared values to create a strong and vibrant banking community. The principles we bank on are at the heart of everything we do.

RISE Award

Community Banking Since 1945


Helping borrowers overcome affordability challenges.

Higher Current

Community Banking Since 1945

Is Higher Current for you?

is Higher Current for you?

Community Banking Since 1945

Amp Up Your Finances!

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You don't have to have wealth, to build wealth.


We believe even thousandaires deserve to be treated like millionaires. That's because we're less concerned with what you have in the bank today than what your goals are for tomorrow. Yep, financial empowerment is a right, not a privilege.

If you have questions on investing, retirement planning, debt management, college planning, or other financial matters, call Paul Manelis today at (773) 423-2356 for a no-obligation financial review.


We offer a full range of accounts and services for all your personal banking needs. From free checking and money market accounts to certificates of deposit; from debit and credit cards to mobile banking!


Whether you run just started a business, or you are an established business owner, Devon Bank has the financial tools to put you on the path to success.

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About Us

Devon Bank originally opened as the Devon North Town State Bank on September 15, 1945, just after the end of World War II. Our founders were local merchants who believed that the community known then as North Town, on Chicago’s North Side, would benefit from a community bank. Today, well over seven decades later, Devon Bank remains an independent community bank with deep roots in our communities and with the dedicated customer commitment envisioned by our founders. Primarily owned and operated by the Loundy family since 1953, Devon Bank has grown and changed...

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Having lived through The Great Recession at Devon Bank, and seen what that recession did to our communities, our competitors, and our own institution, this time, we have tried to get out ahead of people’s needs to help where we can and to be a leader of the recovery. As people decide where to work and where to bank we hope they will choose us. Because we care.

David Loundy
Chairman of the Board of Directors

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