The Loundy Charitable Foundation

The Loundy Charitable Foundation

The Foundation is an Illinois not-for-profit organization created to serve and make grants in our local communities.  The Foundation will also facilitate the charitable contributions of others through the acceptance, investment, and distribution of charitable contributions as part of the provision of donor-advised funds. For more information on opening a donor-advised fund, please see the Devon Bank Trust Department*

We support community groups, education, health care and community development.
To support The Loundy Charitable Foundation, please click below to make a donation*

 $18
 $25
 $50
 $75
 $100
 $180

*This is not a solicitation, however an acceptance of donations. All donations made will be final

The Loundy Charitable Foundation is also the host charity for Devon Bank’s “Well-Rounded” Debit Card Series.

We offer:

The Sanctuary Card (to support immigration & refugee causes)
The Earth Earns Card (to support environmental causes)
The Smarter Card (to support educational causes)
The Dancing Delta Card (to support the arts & sciences)
The Homeless, Hungry & Healing Card (to support homelessness, hunger & healing causes)
The Devon Donates Card (to support greatest need/endowment)

Pay using your debit card (or “Wallet Pay” such as Apple Pay or Google Pay). Transactions are rounded up to the nearest dollar with the round-up donated to your choice of charitable category. Click below to apply. Choose a checking account and send an email to [email protected] indicating which donation category you would like.

*The Foundation is organized as an Illinois not-for-profit corporation and the activities, objectives and purposes of this
Foundation and the uses to which the property of this Foundation are dedicated shall be exclusively charitable and
providing religious support.
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