Faith-based Commercial Financing


Faith-Based Financing

The caring community bank envisioned by our founders is embodied by both our business and philanthropic commitments. When an individual needs a home mortgage or an organization like a religious or a social service group wants to finance a new facility, we go that extra mile to help everyone achieve their financial objectives.

Devon Bank is one of the top providers of Faith-based commercial financing in the United States since 2003. Some of the faith-based initiatives were created in response to community demands from the ethnically diverse neighborhoods in which we are located. Our products consist of real estate financing covering real estate purchase, refinance, construction, and lines of credit, as well as business and trade goods financing.

Additionally, because we are locally owned and managed, Devon Bank is, in some cases, able to individually tailor products to accommodate specific customer needs—flexibility that is otherwise largely unavailable in the U.S. finance marketplace. All of our products are available in Illinois, and some products are available in other selected parts of the United States.

For information on product availability please contact one of our commercial financing specialists.

Vincent Baratta, Senior Vice President
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Vincent Sarelli, Vice President
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George Dimitrakopoulos, Vice President
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Wesley Studzinski, Vice President
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