Fraud Protection

Check and ACH Positive Pay

We have the tools to enhance your business' security with Payee Positive Pay and ACH Positive Pay. Payee Positive Pay combats fraudulent checks and monitors your accounts for suspicious activity. We verify each check submitted to your account and notify you of potentially fraudulent activity.

It’s simple to use via Devon Connect, our online banking portal. You provide us with check details when your business writes a check, and we compare those details against the checks that are presented for payment. We will notify you of any exceptions by either text, phone, or email and you can review them online and decide whether they should be paid or returned. This allows you to make timely payment decisions and reduce the likelihood of losses associated with check fraud. Similarly, ACH Positive Pay gives you the peace of mind knowing that ACH transactions presented for payment against your account can be paid or returned. You can make this decision each time a payment is presented or you can build rules within Devon Connect that enable you to allow only certain vendors to be able to debit your account, as well as to provide controls based on transaction amounts.

To learn more about our programs, please call one of our Treasury Management team members at 773-423-2434.


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