Bill Payment

Bill Pay

Paying bills has never been easier, faster or more secure with Bill Pay. Simply log in and pay bills online in minutes without writing checks or visiting multiple biller websites.

Bill Pay allows Devon Bank users to receive, view, manage and pay all of their bills, whether paper or electronic, from within Online Banking.


  • Seamlessly consolidate all bills online
  • Receive e-mail notifications of all incoming bills and payments
  • Make expedited payments
  • Choose manual or automatic payments
  • Customize payment options for each payee
  • Choose from multiple funding accounts and types
  • Customize and view reports by payee, category or a specified date


When you sign onto Bill Pay you will establish your list of Merchants by selecting the Add button on the "Set up Accounts and Payee" screen. You may add a new fixed payment for any Merchant but only if they are on your authorized list of payees. If the Merchant is not set up for electronic payments, the service will generate and mail a paper check for payment. The check will carry your account number and will clear directly through your account. A unique check number will appear on your statement for easy recognition.

Devon Bank will process variable payments on the business day (generally Monday through Friday, except holidays) you designate the bill is to be processed, provided the payment request is received prior to the cut-off time set by Devon Bank, which is currently 3:00 p.m. CST.

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