Remote Deposit Capture FAQs


1. Once we have scanned our checks, do we have to call the bank to confirm deposits have been accepted?

    No, you do not have to call the bank to confirm deposits have been transferred. You can view the confirmed deposits in the “Display Deposit Log” tab on your software.

2. How long will the confirmed deposits be listed on the “Display Deposit Log” tab?

    All deposits will appear in the “Display Deposit Log”.  They will not be deleted. 
3. If I see “not yet” in the “Display Deposit Log” would the deposits be confirmed at a later time?

     If you still see “not yet” after 5 minutes, please contact your bank representative to let them know that the deposit has not been transferred.
4. Do we have to write a deposit slip?

     No, you do not have to write out a deposit slip. 

5.  How do you change the ink?

      You can change the ink by lifting the middle piece of the scanner and pulling out the ink tray.

6.  Where can I purchase a new ink tray?
      You can purchase an ink tray at Best Buy, Walgreen’s or on the Internet.

7.  Can we make a deposit on Saturday?

     You can scan checks on Saturday. But the deposit will be posted in your account next business day.

8.  Can I add another bank account on my Remote Deposit account from my pc?

      In order to add a different account to your Remote Deposit account you have to contact a personal banker representative. 

9.  Can I make a transfer from one bank account to another bank account on my Remote Deposit Capture?

     No, you can not make a transfer from your accounts on Remote Deposit.  You can, however, make a transfer among different accounts on our online banking Web site.

10. Can we move our Remote Deposit from one pc to another?

      No, you can not move your Remote Deposit once it is installed on a pc.