Land Trust

Land Trusts are a convenient way to hold and handle the title to real estate. As trustee the Devon Bank Trust Department executes leases, mortgages, contracts, assignments, amendments and other legal documents when authorized by the individuals designated as having the power of direction under the trust agreement.

Why place your property into a land trust ?

Privacy – If it is important to an individual that they do not appear as the title holder on personal or investment property then a Land Trust can help accomplish this. To further protect your privacy you can contact the county treasurer to have all tax bills and correspondence mailed to your Devon Bank Land Trust.

Ease of Conveyance – A Land Trust offers a convenient means of mortgaging and selling property without having to obtain deeds from all of the beneficiaries.  This is a noteworthy feature if many individuals are interested in the property and are scattered throughout the Country.

Disposing of Part Interests – A Land Trust simplifies the practical problem of disposing of a part interest in a property since the beneficial interest under a Land Trust can be transferred by assignment no deed is needed.

For more information, please contact:

Ann Urbach
Land Trust Administrator
(773) 423-2353

*Please do not send confidential information via e-mail