External Transfers


For many consumers, using cash or checks has been the easiest way to pay a friend or acquaintance. However, with more and more consumers making retail purchases and managing finances via smartphones or other electronic devices, the time is right to introduce a new way of sending money that’s fast, convenient and safe.

Devon Bank users can now set up recurring or future-dated transfers to move money to and from their external accounts or to other persons using the online and mobile-optimized channels.

Person-to-person payments (P2P) allows customers to transfer funds from their bank account to another individual’s account via the Internet or a mobile phone.

Account-to-Account transfers (A2A) allows account holders to securely move money between Devon Bank and other financial institution accounts by using the Bank’s routing and account numbers.

Account holders can use External Transfers to:

• Send money to their child at college
• Receive repayment for dinner from friends
• Pay the babysitter
• Send a charitable gift
• Request payment for an item sold
• Move money to and from another financial institution to a Devon Bank account
• Make an internal loan payment from an external account

Minimum transfer amounts and transfer limits may be set up for external transfers. Click here for transfer limits information.