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Living Trusts and Estates 

The most versatile estate planning tool available today, a Living Trust can be tailored to help you achieve your personal financial objectives for today, for tomorrow and for future generations. The creator or “Grantor” of a Living Trust has practically unlimited discretion to determine the timing, amount and manner in which trust principal and income is distributed now and in the future, for as long as they are able. Upon the Grantor’s death, the long-term advantages of a Living Trust, like tax benefits and avoidance of probate, become apparent. Devon Bank’s Trust Department services Living Trusts as a trustee and/or an investment manager. We are specialists in handling estates/trusts, experts in managing assets to increase their value, have no emotional bias and are impartial and free of conflicts of interest with beneficiaries of a trust or an estate.


Investment Management

Individuals and businesses need a long-term financial strategy based on current needs and future goals. The investment specialists in Devon Bank’s Trust Department can structure a portfolio of sound investments for you based on your objectives, not on a formula or pattern. We select only high quality securities, directed or discretionary, that we are confident will be successful for you. In personal life, in business, and in the myriad of investment sectors, circumstances are continually changing. That is why we continually monitor every investment we make and make adjustments as appropriate. We are ever vigilant. Your personal and business future is much too important not to plan for it!


Managed & Self Directed IRAs (Rollovers and Transfers)

Many conventional IRAs offer only certificates of deposit and money market funds as investment options. Whether you prefer to manage your IRA or have our investment professionals make the selections for you, virtually the entire universe of investment options is available when you maintain your account in Devon Bank’s Trust Department.


Custodial Services

If you have assets at several brokers, in one or more safe deposit boxes or under your mattress, Devon Bank’s Trust Department can take charge and place then under one umbrella for you. We’ll settle all trades, collect dividends or interest, create a concise statement showing all your assets, and provide you with one tax report to make April a much easier month.


Escrow Services

The Devon Bank Trust Department can act as a neutral responsible third party to hold papers, securities, money and other personal property for delivery when conditions or terms of an agreement have been satisfied.



An estate plan should provide for an individual’s mental incapacity. Often however, these provisions are overlooked when putting the plan to paper. Many times, when they are not addressed, someone will either refuse the assignment or find it to be abusive. Still others, because of developmental disabilities or minor age, cannot make decisions regarding their estates. The Devon Bank Trust Department is experienced with Probate Court rules, details and legal considerations regarding guardianships of the estate. Our job is to promote the well-being of the disabled person or minor and to protect his/her estate from neglect, exploitation or abuse. The Court often looks for Devon Bank to serve in this capacity since the bank is better able to properly invest the ward’s dollars that are needed to provide for the cost of care and supplemental needs.


♦ Land Trusts

Land Trusts are a convenient way to hold and handle the title to real estate. As trustee the Devon Bank Trust Department executes leases, mortgages, contracts and deeds when authorized by the individuals designated as having power of direction under the trust agreement. The beneficial interest in the trust, your equity, may be pledged as collateral for business loans. Click here to download a Land Trust Request Form. Our Land Trust Officer will contact you shortly after receiving the form.


1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges

Devon Bank can help you save significant dollars by deferring the Capital Gains Tax when you sell a property and buy another of equal or greater value. For a flat $350 fee per 1031 Exchange (Starker Trust) our trust specialists will take it from there and make the exchange process easy and efficient.

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Sr. VP Head of Trust Department
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