Devon Bank MasterCard® Debit Card



The Devon Bank MasterCard® Debit Card is the better way to make your everyday purchases, access your cash and check your account balances.


To access your cash surcharge-free, please visit any of our ATMs or find the one nearest you by visiting


To apply for a Devon Bank Debit Card, please click here.


 Important debit card security information when you plan to travel


In order to protect the security of your debit card and avoid fraudulent transactions, always let us know when and where you plan to travel. Stop by any of our branches or call our ATM Department at (847) 947-3901 with the destination and planned time for your travel. Our fraud monitoring system will block your card if it detects any transactions out of your usual pattern.


By contacting us of your trip, we will be able to make your card available for you to use.  At that time, you will need to verify that your current contact information is current.   


Here are some additional tips on the secure use of debit cards and ATMs:


          • Block the view of others when entering your PIN at an ATM or debit terminal
          • Don’t let a cashier or anyone else enter your PIN, even if they are helping you with the transaction
          • Make sure your ATM or debit transaction is complete, then review your receipt before leaving the terminal
          • Be aware of your surroundings before using a public terminal, such as a walk-up ATM or at a gas station
          • It’s smart to take a friend with you when using a public ATM or debit terminal at night or in a remote location
          • If anyone or anything seems suspicious when you are using a public terminal, leave the area immediately
          • If you get cash during an ATM or debit terminal transaction, put it away before leaving the terminal
          • If someone follows you after you have conducted a transaction at a public terminal, go to a crowded, well-lit area immediately and call the police


Contact Phone Numbers


·         To report a lost or stolen debit card outside business hours: 

o   1-800-528-2273


·         To report a lost or stolen debit card for International cardholders: 

o   812-647-9794


·         To activate a new debit card with PIN: 

o   1-877-296-2733


·         To change a PIN from any touch tone phone: 

o   1-877-265-9594


·         To change a PIN for international cardholders: 

o   1-859-488-4130











































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