The U.S. mortgage market has some of the most competitive prices anywhere. Mortgage pricing is tied to the financier’s cost of funds and to the bond market. As a result, prices at any mortgage provider can change several times throughout the day, and generally cannot be predicted in advance.

An important aspect to pricing is not just the rate equivalent, but also the total costs you must pay at closing. Up-front costs can be expensive, and you may want look to keep these costs as low as possible.

One of the most important numbers to look at is the monthly payment. Many people do not look at how much the house costs, they look at how much the house costs per month.  In general, the longer the term of a home financing transaction, the larger the total cost will be over the entire term; however, usually the total monthly payment will be lower. The shorter the transaction term, the faster equity will generally be built in the home which may matter when you go to sell the home and move into a different one, especially if housing prices are falling rather than increasing.  When looking at your monthly payment, it is important that you keep in mind any costs for homeowner’s insurance and real estate taxes, which, in some areas of the country can be quite expensive.

For products where the rent is adjustable, there is always a question of what the best adjustment period should be. The lower the adjustment period, the less risk the financier faces in having its money tied up, so the better the rental rate you will likely get. 

Devon Bank believes that its products are the best available in the U.S. We strive for industry-leading service quality. We try to keep our pricing fair without “extras” added on because we are offering a specialty product. We believe in open disclosure and fair competition. 

What scholars have approved the products?

Shariah Supervisory Board of America, Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America
Is documentation customized to be Shariah compliant?


Are there product options?

 In some states.  

Is there a minimum down payment?

Yes, in all states where available. 
For maximum financed amounts and origination fees, please call (773) 423-2303 for additional information.



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