Service Charge & Fee Schedule

The revised schedule of fees included in this mailing highlights changes,

which will be effective January 1, 2014.


The Devon Bank Service Charge and Fee Schedule discloses the various charges and fees that will be charged against your Devon Bank account when applicable. If you have any questions regarding any of these charges, please contact a personal banker at

(773 or 847) 465-2500.


ACH Origination Services

                        Business Accounts:                                                            $25.00 per month

                                Not-For-Profit Accounts:                                                     $12.50 per month

Teller Services

                        Cashier’s Check (customers only):                                  $4.00

                                Currency Purchase:                                                            $0.10 per strap

                                Loose Coin Counted (non-customers):                                 10%

                                Rolled Coin Purchased:                                                     $0.10 per roll

                                Money Order (customers only):                                        $2.00

Debit/ATM Card Fees

                        Replacement Card:                                                             $10.00

Special Services

                        Check Cashing (non-customers):                                    $    5.00

                                Counter Check Charge:                                                     $    1.00

                                Hold Mail Service:                                                                $  10.00 per cycle

                                Tax Levies/Liens/Garnishments/Citations:  $100.00 plus attorney fees

                                Reconciling Accounts:                                                        $  50.00 per hour with a $10.00 minimum

                                Special Handling Services (Wire Transfer Notifications,

Faxed Statements, etc.):                                                   $  5.00 per case

                                Close and Reopen Checking or Savings Account:       $50.00

                                Close account within 6 months of opening:  $50.00

                                Balance Verification Letter:                                              $15.00

                                Overdraft Protection:                                                          $  5.00 per transfer


                                Domestic Checks, Notes, etc:                                          $15.00

                                International Check/Draft:                                                $20.00

                                Canadian Check Processing:                                           $10.00 per check

                                International Documents:                                 $50.00

                                Per Correspondence/Tracer:                                            $10.00

Bookkeeping Services

            Account Balance Inquiry (assisted):                                $  2.00

                Deposit Adjustment (over $10):                                      $  3.00

                Deposited Checks Returned:                                           $  5.00 each

                Document Lookup:                                                             $30.00 per hour and $2.00 per copy with a $15.00 min.

                Official Check Watch:                                                         $25.00 per item

                Account Cut-Off Statement:                                              $  5.00

                Audit Verification:                                                                $10.00

            Stop Payment Order:                                                          $30.00 per check

                Inactive/Dormant Checking Fees (no activity after 12 months):             $10.00 per month

                Inactive/Dormant Savings Fees (no activity after 24 months):                $10.00 per month

NSF/Overdraft Fees – Business:                                     $35.00 per item plus $7.50 each day the account is overdrawn

NSF/Overdraft Fees – Personal:                                      $30.00 per item plus $5.00 each day the account is overdrawn (charged on the 7th day and thereafter)

NSF/Overdraft Fees:                                                           NSF items up to $20.00 will not be charged an NSF Overdraft Fee. Maximum per day fees and charges will not exceed $200.00

Wire Transfer

                        Domestic (Outgoing):                                                         $25.00 ($50.00 after 3:00 pm)

                                Per Tracer:                                                                            $10.00

                                Business (Incoming):                                                          $15.00

                                Personal (Incoming):                                                          $  5.00

                                International (Outgoing):                                                   $50.00


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